Rat and Dragon

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Rat and Dragon

The Rat and Dragon signs are nearly perfect when it comes to compatibility as either friends, lovers, or even business partners and family members as well when following Shengxiao. The Rat is one of the best signs to keep up with the powerful and alpha personality of the Dragon sign. Because both of these signs have intense energies in with Chinese astrology, they are never bored and often keep the relationship interesting and exciting at all times.

Both the Dragon and the Rat enjoy being in the limelight. The Rat enjoys using verbal mind games and clever witty sayings when in a crowd, whereas the Dragon uses his or her charm and intelligence to draw in the crow. The two are likely compatible for nearly all types of relationships, both sexually and even friendships, and can also run a successful business together. Oftentimes, the Rat enjoys using the mind so much that he or she will opt to work behind the scenes, giving the Dragon more attention and satisfaction in a love relationship.

Compatibility Rat Woman and Dragon Man

According to the Chinese zodiac the Rat woman and the Dragon man are not only successful in love relationships and in business, but can work well with long-term romantic flings and committed relationships as well when they date one another. The Rat woman is a social climber, and the Dragon man enjoys being in the limelight and attending social events to show off and to meet new people. This works well if the couple has the same values and future plans in mind.

Compatibility Rat Man and Dragon Woman

The Rat man works well with the Dragon woman, as long as he is supportive of her needs socially, which is often the case (as the Rat is one of the most social signs in the Chinese zodiac). The Rat man often adores the skills and talents that the Dragon woman possesses, keeping the Rat interested and from straying away with enough excitement and new adventures involved in the relationship.