Dragon and Ox

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Dragon and Ox

Dragon and Ox signs in Shengxiao can be compatible in all types of relationships with a powerful connection, as long as these two have similar life goals and future ideals in mind according to Chinese astrology and horoscopes.

Compatibility Ox Woman and Dragon Man

In any relationship with an Ox and a Dragon, it is important for both of those involved to understand each others goals and future plans to help with creating a solid plan to keep in place for the relationship according to the Chinese zodiac. Although the Ox woman and the Dragon man both enjoy being admired, when the Dragon man flirts, this can signal danger to the Ox woman who prefers stability at all times.

Compatibility Ox Man and Dragon Woman

The Ox man and Dragon woman relationship can work, but both of the partners involved in the relationship are often at odds with a power struggle. The male Ox is more conservative, reserved, and laid back than the Dragon woman, who always enjoys having high energy, which works well with sex and keeping the flame alive in the bedroom.