Ox and Goat

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Ox and Goat

The Ox and Goat symbols in the Chinese zodiac are marked as opposites, which means that there may be plenty of friction within the relationship depending on the specific people who come together as well. The Goat may seem to irrational or even overemotional to the Ox, who is strong and practical in most situations, which can cause conflict and opposing thoughts about one another in friendships and in romantic relationships, including sexually.

The two have the ability to make their friendship or romantic relationship work only if they are able to see past their differences and accept one another's personalities as they are without attempting to change them "for the better" in their own minds.

Compatibility Ox Woman and Goat Man

The Ox woman in Shengxiao enjoys a stable home life, as does the Goat man in Chinese astrology. Although this is the case, it is challenging to make the relationship last long-term. The Ox woman may be considered a bit too masculine for the Goat man, who is emotional and may seem overly feminine to the Ox woman herself as well. The Ox woman is also intensely thrifty and frugal allowing her to use money in a smart manner, whereas the Goat man does not keep track of finances well.

Compatibility Ox Man and Goat Woman

Although the feminine role the Goat woman plays in the Ox's life will attract him, her unstable irresponsible actions can anger and upset the Ox, causing tension and frustration within the relationship. The Goat woman and Ox man are not ideal for the bedroom and with sexual attraction, as the Goat woman enjoys romance and loves to feel adored, whereas the Ox man is unfamiliar with this frame of mind and prefers to keep it simple and is not as well-rehearsed in wooing as other signs.