The Chinese Goat
Personality and Characteristics

Personality Traits and Characteristics Sheep

In Chinese Astrology, the Sheep and the Goat are considered to be one and the same, depending on the individual calendar used. For the purposes of this personality breakdown, the animal of Sheep will be used.

The Sheep has the personality characteristics of being charming, shy, agreeable, and compassionate. Sheep signs tend to avoid conflict and do not make waves when in a group. If there is one prevailing option in a group of people, you can be sure to find the Sheep on that side! They also take sharp criticism to heart and this might be a bit damaging to their psyche. If they are not careful, they can find themselves subject to a number of emotional stability issues. Some potentially severe issues that a Sheep might face include Borderline Disorder and Paranoia.

Sheep tend to be daydreamers and are very social. They tend to have an insecure trait, which is only satisfied by constant interaction with other people. Sheep cannot stand being isolated from other people for long periods of time. The insecurity trait may affect some communication between the themselves and others since they do not like to receive criticism which would make them insecure. If the Sheep, in their opinion, cannot present themselves well, they would rather opt out of an event rather than show up and have the potential to be criticized. Sheep are also highly creative and need outlets to express this such as making jewelry or painting. Good career options for the Sheep include ones that make full use of it and nature. Some good career choices for Sheep are teaching, nursing, acting, and arts. Sheep need to be tightly cautious when dealing with money since they have a tendency to blow money on frivolous items and never have enough when emergencies hit home.

Compatible signs for the Sheep are the Horse, the Dog, the Pig, and the Dragon. Incompatible signs for them include the Ox. When in a relationship, they will want a partner that will provide some security for them, whether emotionally or financially. Sheep have a strong sense of wanting to be protected, and for this, they may come off as being needy at times. It can be frustrating with having a Sheep as a partner since they will constantly hint at a problem that's bothering them, but will not come right out and say what that problem is. Sheep are very romantic, however, which can more than make up for their shortcomings. Parents who have a Sheep as a child need to be gentle with them, for they do not tolerate harsh criticism that well and may very easily end up getting depressed over harsh words.

Metal Sheep: 1931, 1991
Water Sheep: 1943, 2003
Wood Sheep: 1955, 2015
Fire Sheep: 1907, 1967
Earth Sheep: 1919, 1979
  • Best sex: PIG and RABBIT
  • Worst nightmare: OX

    Famous Sheep People:

    Sir Laurence Olivier, Josephine Bonaparte, Margot Fonteyn, Mikhail Gorbachev, Toni Morrison, Leonard Nimoy, Pierre Trudeau, Katharine Hepburn, Boris Yeltsin