The Chinese Snake
Personality and Characteristics

Personality Traits and Characteristics Snake

In Chinese Astrology, the Snake can be characterized by its endurance and skillful planning. Common personality traits of Snakes include: vanity, hard-worker, conservatism, and discreetness. A Snake will always be looking around at the available options in a situation. They will not make serious life-changing decisions without a lot of weighing the pros and cons of that decision first. For this matter, do not expect a Snake to immediately make up their mind on tough questions - you make get bitten sharply by them!

Good careers for Snakes include ones that make use of their tendency to carefully plan events, such as a psychologist, clergy, investigator, or a job in the technical fields. When it comes to working with others, Snakes . However, there is often a perception that a Snake cannot be trusted, due to the fact that it may be doing something or on one side of an issue one moment, and then a split second later, be doing something completely different, or making arguments for a position that they were previously against moments ago. For this reason, it is advised that Snakes stay out of politics, because even though the Snake has internally considered what side they would be on for that various position, this internal debate is not something that the general public would see. Despite this, Snakes are extremely good with money due to the fact that they cannot be easily swayed by impulse purchases.

One of the downfalls of the Snake is that it bases its opinions on its own feelings and first impressions rather than solid facts and reviews. The Snake is right in its intuition most of the time. This can get a bit frustrating when the Snake asks others for advice, since it's very likely to disregard it and go along with its own intuition. The Snake often does select the right path when it's between two different choices. However, if the Snake is not careful, it can find itself subject to a number of emotional stability issues. Common issues that a Snake might face include Borderline Disorder and Paranoia.

In the arena of love and sex, Snakes can be very obsessive, possessive, and jealous! People born under the Chinese horoscope sign of the Snake will not tolerate being second place if there is another lover in the picture! Compatible horoscope signs for the Snake are the Monkey, the Rooster, the Ox, and the Dragon. Incompatible horoscope signs for them include the Pig. As a parent, they will require respect, discipline, and obedience from their children, which could cause some issues based on what the child's Chinese horoscope sign is. As a parent of a child with the sign of the Snake, expect them to be well disciplined in whatever they do. Snake signs do not tell lies that often, since they do consider what the outcome of the relationship would be should the falsehood be exposed. However, when they do tell a lie, they use the fact that they are honest most of the time to their advantage, which would normally make lies told nearly undetectable.

Metal Snake: 1941, 2001
Water Snake: 1953, 2013
Wood Snake: 1905, 1965
Fire Snake: 1917, 1977
Earth Snake: 1929, 1989
  • Best sex: ROOSTER and OX
  • Worst nightmare: PIG

    Famous Snake People:

    Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Ferdinand Marcos, Abraham Lincoln, Lady Pamela Mountbatten, Martin Luther King, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Edgar Allen Poe, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bob Dylan