Snake and Monkey

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Snake and Monkey

The Monkey and Snake signs in the Chinese zodiac often have difficulty getting along due to their opposing personality qualities by nature. Although both signs enjoy having a good time and love to charm others while communicating in crowds with ease, the Snake is often viewed as the more jealous and possessive type, whereas the Monkey is quite free spirited and enjoys going out for nights out on the town with groups of people and friends.

Even if the Snake expresses feelings of jealousy or insecurity in Chinese astrology, it my be difficult for the Monkey to view the situation that way as well, causing conflict and potentially ruining the relationship. Regardless of how loyal and faithful the Monkey actually is, the actions the Monkey takes in the relationship will determine just how worried or insecure the Snake becomes by the amount of jealousy he or she is displaying over time.

Compatibility Snake Woman and Monkey Man

A Snake woman and a Monkey man in Chinese astrology work well if they both enjoy social outings. They are both charming, but often to others who are not involved in the relationship. The Snake woman may feel unappreciated from the Monkey man if he is spending too much time out. Although the couple is highly sexually compatible, they tend to have wandering eyes and may be unfaithful when they are with one another while they are dating, this however may change if the relationship deepens.

Compatibility Snake Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman is more practical and sensible than the Snake man, who enjoys meeting new people and seeking new adventures. According to Chinese compatibility the Snake man in prefers to have the Monkey woman always appearing her best, although he is firm on stating he is not materialistic or in the pursuit of fame and riches.