Snake and Snake

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Snake and Snake

Snake relationships can work well as long as the values they share are similar and aligned when they are dating or involved in a sexual relationship. Because of the Snake's insecurity and the inability to trust easily, the two make an ideal pair to help with boosting confidence and rebuilding emotional and mental strength within the relationship. Snakes often enjoy the company of other Snakes around them, whether it is for purely platonic purposes or even to help with growing a romantic sexual relationship.

Snakes connect well with one another on a sexual and sensual level, and are often viewed as "masters of seduction" when it comes to their mystery, danger, and the wisdom that they each possess individually. According to Chinese astrology and Chinese compatibility the home life with two Snakes is often comfortable and very low-key and off of the social radar at most times. Although Snakes are loving and very easygoing, they are also possessive and often jealous lovers, which can cause quarrels and conflicts. Although there is jealousy in the relationship, there is also plenty of passion when Snakes are dating one another or pursuing a long-lasting friendship.

Once the Snake trusts the other, there is no need for deception, as the sign is very loyal and will work to make one another happy. When Snakes work with one another to create a business, they can truly shine and bring forward their intuitive gifts and their ability to communicate well with others, regardless of the situation. The Snake is very conservative in most cases and will assess all risks before one is taken to help with ensuring their own future, whether it is career or relationship-oriented. Because Snakes can become competitive in a realm where they feel comfortable, it is important for those who are involved in the relationship to reflect on their actions, wants, needs, and sexual desires at all time to ensure both are happy and satisfied together.