Snake and Ox

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Snake and Ox

The Ox and the Snake make a wonderful pair as they both enjoy working hard and also value family and a stable home life in general according to Chinese astrology. Although from the outside, a relationship between a Snake and an Ox may appear boring, tame, or "normal", the relationship is often complete with plenty of passion and interesting quirks that make for a long-lasting connection with the pair.

Compatibility Ox Woman and Snake Man

Although the Snake man and Ox woman within the Chinese zodiac make great pairs in Shengxiao, they can come to find tension if they are not able to compromise. The Ox woman will pursue a Snake in order to settle down and to have a stable home life. The Ox woman also prefers to plan her schedule and life in advance, whereas the Snake relies on impulses and emotions to base his decisions, which can cause arguments to arise when dating and abiding by Chinese horoscope.

Compatibility Ox Man and Snake Woman

A Snake woman can often be flirty and charming using sex as her weapon of choice, which may flare up jealousy which is quite uncommon in the Ox man. This couple is likely to have a fiery, sexually compatible match in the bedroom that can last for a short or a long period of time, depending on the compromises each is willing to make.