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Snake and Dragon

The Dragon and Snake signs are highly compatible as long as they each have an understanding of one another's needs and wants in life. Both signs may find them attracted to one another due to their confidence, intelligence, and sexy magnetic charm. Although the Dragon's charm is more likely to be prominent in the relationship, the Snake has a mystery to the sign that is highly appealing and interesting to all types of Dragons in the Chinese zodiac. Most relationships between Snakes and Dragons are purely sexual, or start off with a purely physical attraction, due to their opposing nature in communicating and exploring the world. Beware of the Dragon on a fist date!

Although there is an extremely strong and intense physical attraction between the Dragon and the Snake when they date, there may be problems that arise due to the energy difference levels of these two signs. Most Dragons prefer to be out of the home, out looking for adventure and excitement on most days, whereas Snakes tend to enjoy staying at home, relaxing, and being lazy, even after working or enjoying a large payday.

Snakes enjoy to be comfortable and would prefer to keep comfortable rather than to risk losing the feeling, whereas a Dragon enjoys being more active and taking risks. Both signs are patient with loved ones and will work together to communicate better and to better understand social, emotional, and physical needs to help with building a long-lasting relationship of any type, sexual or non-sexual.

Compatibility Dragon Woman and Snake Man

The Snake man may become jealous of the Dragon woman and her independence, but only because she is possessive by nature. The Snake man adores the Dragon woman, and she loves the mystery he brings to their relationship's dynamic.

Compatibility Dragon Man and Snake Woman

Dragon men adore Snake women according to Chinese astrology and all of the charm they offer. A Snake woman, however, may find herself jealous of the Dragon man and the attention he receives in his social and work life, causing tension if it is not handled privately or even in the bedroom, as this pair has ideal sexual chemistry.