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Snake and Dog

The Snake and the Dog have a unique connection which can help with building a long-lasting relationship, or it can hurt the relationship by causing it to dissolve, depending on the understanding each member of the relationship has with one another according to the Chinese zodiac. Although the Dog is loyal, trusting, and an all around good-nature in general when dating, the sign of the Dog is more likely to retreat to gather himself and also to help with avoiding or ridding any anxiety or worry he or she may be feeling in regards to life situations or even the relationship itself.

The Snake, however, is able to help with balancing the Dog's natural state of feeling worried or anxious with his or her earthy nature and calming personality traits. When Snakes and Dogs work together in business, it can be a true long-lasting success, as both signs are level-headed and are also both very diplomatic when working with others or in a group.

The Snake is intelligent with logic and also with wisdom, and the Dog is a hard worker and quite loyal when making commitments for business purposes or even for relationships with family and friends. Together, the Dog and the Snake can run a successful business by properly delegating tasks to the proper person based on skills, expertise, and personality in the Chinese horoscope.

Compatibility Snake Woman and Dog Man

The Snake woman may not enjoy being as honest and as loyal as the Dog man she has chosen to partner up with. However, if the two are able to reach agreements and if the Dog man is less critical of the Snake woman, the relationship is more likely to be successful in the long run.

Compatibility Snake Man and Dog Woman

A Dog woman may find herself upset and discouraged from time to time when she is dating a Snake man. The Snake man is also more interested in social activities as opposed to the Dog woman who enjoys her alone time and solitude sometimes, which can draw away from the sexual attraction between the pair.