Dog and Monkey

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Dog and Monkey

Because the Dog and the Monkey both enjoy social situations and are fun-loving by nature, their relationship has the ability to be successful regardless of whether the woman or the man is the Monkey or Dog in the relationship. The Dog does not have trouble trusting the Monkey, allowing the couple to work well together according to Chinese astrology.

Compatibility Monkey Woman and Dog Man

Although the Dog man and Monkey woman often form a romantic and sexual dating relationship due to similar hobbies, interests, and lifestyles, the Dog man may grow wary of the Monkey's social habits and he may even become suspicious that she is growing unfaithful to him according to the Chinese zodiac. However, this is natural for the Monkey woman, and if she can convince him she is committed, the relationship may last due to the exciting conversations and adventures the pair can have together within the Chinese horoscope.

Compatibility Monkey Man and Dog Woman

The Dog woman in a relationship with a Monkey man is often an idealist, whereas the man is often looking for new opportunities to explore, including social opportunities, traveling, and trying new and exciting things in life. Although the Monkey man enjoys having his freedom at any time, he must first take the time to be faithful and loyal to the Dog woman in order to help with building trust between the two.