Monkey and Rabbit

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Monkey and Rabbit

Monkeys and Rabbit signs in the Chinese zodiac are quite opposite in their personalities, but they can also work together to make a balanced, amorous, or platonic relationship with enough commitment from both of those involved. The Rabbit, when dating and involved sexually, is often more giving in a relationship than the Monkey, especially in the beginning of any type of relationship, sexual- or nonsexual. This can cause the Rabbit to feel under- appreciated or even unloved in some cases, so it is essential that the Monkey takes time to be more compassionate and understanding for a romantic relationship to work between this couple.

Compatibility Rabbit Woman and Monkey Man

The attraction between the Rabbit woman and the Monkey man is intense in Chinese astrology, but is often physical rather than a mental connection, or even a connection that relates to their future goals and plans they may have in mind according to their Chinese horoscope. This relationship will work best if the Rabbit has a sense of independence or a group of friends separate from the Monkey, allowing them to lead separate social lives that are equally satisfying for long-term committed relationships.

Compatibility Rabbit Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman is often on-the-go, which can leave the Rabbit man feeling insecure or unhappy from time to time. It is important for the Monkey to work on being more emotionally open to the Rabbit and for the Rabbit to be less attached for this pairing to work out well.