Rabbit and Pig

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Rabbit and Pig

Rabbit and Pig signs are ideal for those who are members of the same family, good friends, and even lovers, sexual relationships and make good dates. The Pig enjoys helping others by providing protection, affection, and assistance to other loved ones, whereas the Rabbit always relies of family and friends for emotional comfort and support throughout life. This allows these two signs to find a balance of security and happiness in sexual-, or non-sexual relationships with the Pig and the Rabbit.

The Pig's nature allows him or her to see the very best in other signs, so the Rabbit's sensitivity and passiveness will be overlooked by the Pig and only the positive aspects of the Rabbit's personality will shine through according to Chinese astrology. The Pig will not override the Rabbit's sensitive nature, giving both of those involved equal opportunities to express themselves and to make future decisions.

Compatibility Rabbit Woman and Pig Man

The Pig man in Sheng Xiao (the Chinese Zodiac) adores showering the Rabbit woman with love and affection. The Rabbits docile nature is appealing to the Pig, who enjoys being a provider and a hard worker for his family. The Rabbit woman is able to provide a happy home life for the Pig man, which is loved.

Compatibility Rabbit Man and Pig Woman

The Rabbit man enjoys being with the Pig woman, who showers him with compliments and helps to boost his self-esteem and confidence in- and outside the bedroom. The two are great pairs emotionally, sexually, and physically.