Pig and Rat

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Pig and Rat

The Pig and the Rat signs are highly compatible in Chinese astrology, as both enjoy being around family and friends and are loyal to those they love. The pair is ideal in business, love, and even in friendship, regardless of the circumstances, even if the relationship is solely based on sex in its beginning stages. The Pig is very family-oriented and will always put their loved ones first, making them an ideal addition to the Rat's social group, as the Rat is quite loyal as well.

Because of the Pig's optimistic nature in the Chinese zodiac, he or she is never turned off by the Rat's mind, scheming plots, or eccentric ideas, and instead, embraces new thoughts and various ways of life with ease. The Pig also appreciates kindness and a great sense of humor, which comes easy to a Rat sign who is in love or strongly connected with friends and family. The Rat may at times, become aggravated with the Pig's laziness or need to live a bit more carefree, as the Rat's mind is constantly working and thinking up new ideas and plots.

Compatibility Rat Woman and Pig Man

Because the Pig man and Rat woman in Shengxiao are sensitive and enjoy the sensual parts of life according to the horoscope when dating and when involved sexually, they are highly compatible and both make for excellent listeners. The Pig man enjoys spending quality time with his partner, which makes for a happy Rat woman, who appreciates nothing more than a happy and healthy household and family. The Rat woman is trustworthy with the ones she loves and will always be there to comfort and support the Pig man she is dating.

Compatibility Rat Man and Pig Woman

Within the Chinese zodiac, the Rat man and Pig woman are great matches, romantically and sexually as well as simply just platonic friends. The Rat man enjoys being a provider, and the Pig woman enjoys giving love and affection back, which is ideal to a Rat man who values family including his spouse and children. Although the Pig woman in Shengxiao generally tends to overspend, they do so out of love and their desire for luxury, which the Rat can help to balance with his intellect and his ability to properly manage money.