Pig and Monkey

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Pig and Monkey

Monkey signs and Pig signs in Chinese astrology have the ability to make their relationship work as they often enjoy always utilizing their energy and spending time with others, just in different settings. Monkeys often enjoy being on the go and out and about, trying new venues and meeting entirely new groups of people to spend time with. Although the Pig enjoys staying active within his or her mind, the Pig is more likely to opt to stay at home with a good book or spend some quality time with a loved one or a close friend.

Compatibility Monkey Woman and Pig Man

A Monkey woman is able to provide courage and even confidence to a Pig man when they are romantically linked and when sex is involved. The Pig man attempts to solve most of the arguments and disagreements in the relationship with the Monkey woman to keep peace. It is possible that the Monkey will find the Pig man too giving and may take advantage of him. It is important for the Pig to stand up for himself at all times to avoid losing the spark in the relationship when dating a Monkey woman sexually in the Chinese zodiac.

Compatibility Monkey Man and Pig Woman

A Pig woman may feel more sensitive when dating a Monkey man, although the Monkey man does not intentionally mean to seem insensitive or disconnected from her, it is just part of his nature. The Monkey man appreciates the Pig woman's femininity but he is not as comfortable with complimenting her and showing her affection. This can often lead to the Pig woman feeling insecure in the relationship entirely.