Pig and Goat

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Pig and Goat

The Goat and Pig signs work well together romantically and sexually, or when dating casually as well. The Goat and Pig are both dedicated and sensitive lovers, which can make for a long-lasting relationship according to the Chinese zodiac.

Compatibility Goat Woman and Pig Man

The Goat woman is kind, quiet, and enjoys dreaming of a better life, whereas the Pig man enjoys indulging in luxury and giving affection to his loved ones and sex partners when dating according to Chinese astrology. The Pig man is a hard worker, which helps to balance out the Goat woman, who prefers to dream rather than to admit to any hard work for the day. If the Pig man can accept the Goat woman's somewhat disoriented and carefree personality traits, the couple has a solid change of becoming long-lasting.

Compatibility Goat Man and Pig Woman

The Goat man is also a dreamer according to Chinese astrology, which can become frustrating to a Pig woman, unless she is emotionally satisfied (which is often possible when dating a Goat man). Goat men enjoy planning for the future and are ideal for emotional support, as the Pig woman prefers. Although the Pig woman enjoys having a bit of a social life in comparison to the Goat man, he is often easy going and accepting of her social adventures.