Pig and Ox

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Pig and Ox

The Ox and the Pig work well together in the Chinese zodiac, especially if the pair are in love or romantically linked and dating or pursuing a sexual relationship. The two signs are sensual and work well with one another when spending time one-on-one having "date nights", lounging around the house, and even napping the day away together. The signs, although both hard workers, are not lazy, but enjoy each another's company and often find themselves craving a calm and happy lifestyle complete with sizzling sensuality and at times, luxury.

Compatibility Ox Woman and Pig Man

The Ox woman and Pig man are quite a charming couple according to Chinese astrology, as the Pig adores spoiling the Ox woman with affection and gifts. Because the Ox woman is stable and the Pig man is a hard worker, they can live in quite the harmonious environment together once committed.

Compatibility Ox Man and Pig Woman

The Ox man in Shengxiao appreciates the hard-working spirit of the Pig woman, and does not mind the lavish lifestyle the Pig desires, as she is often independent and returns the favor of providing emotional support, comfort, and even gifts from time to time. The Pig woman will do whatever she can to help with satisfying the Ox man, allowing him to feel comfortable in the home he has built and provided for her and their family.