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Pig and Pig

Pig and Pig compatibility within the Chinese zodiac is nearly perfect, and it appears that the signs are nearly made for one another, even when they date one another or are sexually involved in the relationship.

Both of the Pigs in the relationship enjoy showering the other with love and affection in addition to luxurious and lavish vacations, gifts, and presents that are unexpected according to Chinese astrology. Pigs, when dating one another, are often in-tune with each other's emotional thoughts and feelings, helping to create a strong and long-lasting bond between the two parties who are committed to one another.

The only major concern when two Pigs find love is that they are often frivolous spenders and may find themselves in financial debt due to their insatiable tastes and yearnings for all luxurious things. Pigs can also be fierce when they argue with one another, but their generally naive nature allows them to be forgiving and to fall back in love nearly immediately after an argument or disagreement with one another.