The Chinese Pig
Personality and Characteristics

Personality Traits and Characteristics Pig

The Pig may be also known as the Boar in some circles of Chinese Astrology. The Pig most commonly has the personality characteristics of sincerity, tolerance, stubbornness, and a good work ethic. Unlike their counterparts in the Western world, the Pig is known for its ability to work hard and play harder.

As far as good career options for the Pig goes, it will find itself at home as a scientist, a medical professional, a teacher, or a farmer. The Chinese Pig can be quite gregarious in social interactions, and is willing to look past the blunders of another in order to maintain group harmony. For this characteristic and the Pig's patience, the Pig would make quite the excellent teacher of young children. Since they value hard work, it can help instill this important virtue into the next generation. Pig signs also enjoy expressing themselves, but rather than artistic expression, they tend to express themselves through the clothes that they wear and how they arrange their living quarters.

One of the downfalls of a Pig is that it can be too trusting of people, and expecting the same in turn. This could lead to the Pig being taken advantage of due to its naivete. Pigs also love there gossip a bit too much. These two behaviors can lead to the Pig divulging damaging information about itself or others. However, Pigs can become quite legendary in their anger, should you find yourself at the wrath of one. However, once the flash of anger is over, they are quick to forgive and move on. They may also need to keep spending in check, too, for the Pig craves the finer things in life, and may find that it has spent quite a bit of money chasing after them. If Pigs are not careful with keeping their emotions in check, they can find themselves subject to a number of emotional stability issues. Common issues that a Pig might face include Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Overdependency on others.

Compatible signs for the Pig are the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Rooster, the Goat or Sheep, the Ox, and the Dog. Incompatible signs for them include the Snake. Where love and sex are concerned, the Pig. The Chinese Pig needs to remember to keep finances in check, for it tends to indulge lovers and friends in lavishness. Parents who have the sign of the Pig need to remember how powerful their anger can be when disciplining children. However, they do have the quality of patience, which will help immensely when rearing children. Parents with a child born under the sign of the Pig will enjoy that their child is not afraid of hard work. However, they would need to make sure that their child is wise to the ways of the world ahead of time, since the Pig unfortunately carries the characteristic of naivete, and no parent would want their child to find out life "the hard way," again and again.

Metal Pig: 1911, 1971
Water Pig: 1923, 1983
Wood Pig: 1935, 1995
Fire Pig: 1947, 2007
Earth Pig: 1959, 2019
  • Best sex: GOAT and RABBIT
  • Worst nightmare: SNAKE

    Famous Pig People:

    Chiang Kai-Shek, Lee Kuan Yew, Kim Dae Jung, Syngman Rhee, Tennessee Williams, Julie Andrews, Albert Schweitzer, Jerry John Rawlings, Prince Rainier, Georges Pompidou, Chuck Yeager, Henry Kissinger, King Fahd