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Pig and Dragon

The Dragon and the Pig signs are ideal for friends and even for romantic and sexual relationships, as long as communication is open and the love is reciprocated on both ends of the spectrum when they date. According to Chinese astrology the Dragon is brave and fierce, yet also tender, loving, and generous to his or her family, friends, and loved ones. The Pig enjoys giving his or her heart and soul to help others with improving their days and also with emotionally healing as well. Both the Pig and the Dragon enjoy the finer things in life and like to spend time with one another, as long as they are entertained and not bored or filled with mundane tasks on a daily basis.

The Pig must come to be accepting of the Dragon's own exploring ways and nature in order for the relationship to prosper and to be successful according to the Chinese zodiac and Chinese horoscope. In the same sense, it is the responsibility of the Dragon to nurture the Pig and to give as much emotional and mental appreciation and love to the Pig as frequently as possible. When the two merge into the same household, the Dragon will come to love the surroundings the Pig provides, complete and filled with comfort and luxury.

However, this can also cause irritation and aggravation to the Dragon when dealing with a Pig who he may consider to be unmotivated or even lazy at times. Although the Pig may appear sometimes lazy, he or she is actually a tireless worker who simply enjoys spending quality time at home, relaxing, and with loved ones on his own time and schedule.

Compatibility Dragon Woman and Pig Man

Because of the Dragon and Pig's compatibility, this is an ideal match. The Pig man and Dragon woman are both hard workers, and the Pig is able to provide the Dragon with the praise she needs while having the ability to manage finances.

Compatibility Dragon Man and Pig Woman

The Dragon man in Shengxiao may have a bit of an ego, but the Pig woman enjoys supporting him and showering him with praise. The Dragon man is also happy to provide comfort and security to the Pig woman.