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Dragon and Monkey

The Dragon and the Monkey make quite an interesting, fun, and exciting match sexually, when dating, and even as friends.. Both signs are extremely high in energy and enjoy social environments, often leaving their home to explore new cities, bars, restaurants, and other social events or venues they both find intriguing and interesting. Both signs enjoy pursuing their own personal pleasures, although it is possible to work well with one another if they have similar outlooks on life and goals or plans to accomplish. According to the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese compatibility neither of these signs enjoy holding grudges or arguing, and would prefer to speak their minds and rid the problems they encounter immediately, moving on thereafter.

Dragons and Monkeys in Chinese astrology often find themselves physically attracted to each other, but also mentally and emotionally satisfied in most sexual or non-sexual relationships. The house of a Dragon and a Monkey may be unorganized and messy, as the pair is rarely at home and prefers to spend their time out of the house and with friends and family members. It is important for Dragon and Monkey signs to consider all risks being taken when they are forming a business together. Because of the nature of the Dragon and the Monkey, business can cause issues with money and with the relationship in general, also affecting their sex life, if all of the decisions made for the business are made hastily.

Compatibility Dragon Woman and Monkey Man

The Dragon woman often admires the Monkey man, allowing the Monkey to feel satisfied in the relationship. The Monkey man is tolerant enough to handle the quick wit of the Dragon woman, allowing them to stand equal grounds when the Dragon woman is upset.

Compatibility Dragon Man and Monkey Woman

The Monkey woman is adored by the Dragon man due to her intelligence and her ability to be clever on the spot. The couple is complete with plenty of support and admiration, contributing to its success in- and outside of the bedroom.