Monkey and Monkey

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Monkey and Monkey

Monkey signs in Shengxiao go well with one another, especially due to their fun-loving and free-spirited personalities and outlooks on life. Monkeys tend to enjoy the company of other Monkeys in Chinese astrology, as they are social creatures and prefer to be around others who do not demand commitment or loyalty from them, even when they date and are involved in sexual relationships. Instead, Monkeys prefer to have a fun time exploring the world, and love to do so together according to the Chinese horoscope.

Because Monkeys enjoy attention and the limelight, they may argue or have disputes over various business decisions or even big decisions in life they share together, such as purchasing a new home, moving to a new location, or obtaining a job. In most cases, Monkeys are extremely supportive of one another and enjoy making each other happy by supporting their partner's own interests, hobbies and life pursuits in the Chinese zodiac.