Monkey and Rat

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Monkey and Rat

The Rat and the Monkey are extremely compatible as they are both energetic and fun and enjoy being social, getting attention, and spending time with one another within the Chinese zodiac. The pair may both have an ego, but they both enjoy competitive arguments, debates, and mental challenges that each has to offer for one another. Because the Rat and the Monkey often feeds off of each others energies, this couple may be viewed as a favorite by friends and family, even when in public together. The Rat and the Monkey are ideal when dating as they both have a sexual energy that works well together in Chinese astrology.

The Rat ideally enjoys freedom and is often working to his or her own advantage, but this works well with the Monkey sign who is frequently on a quest for happiness and freedom themselves. The Rat often understands the need of freedom and pursuing new adventures and conquests in life, and generally enjoys tagging along and supporting the Monkey along the way. Business partner opportunities for the two signs of the Rat and Monkey are ideal. Working in business together in Chinese horoscope, allows the signs to work well intellectually with one another while also controlling power equally and putting their talents and skills to use properly to help with boosting sales and staying focused.

Compatibility Rat Woman and Monkey Man

The Monkey man and Rat woman in Shengxiao are not always compatible in the dating world, depending on how serious the Monkey feels for the Rat woman. The Rat woman is dedicated to her families, home lives, and also being successful financially and happy emotionally and with her sex live. The Monkey man, however, dives deep into romance at the beginning of the relationship, but shortly after may become bored and uninterested in the relationship. This has the potential to truly devastate the Rat woman, who is loyal and will try to protect the Monkey at all costs.

Compatibility Rat Man and Monkey Woman

A Rat man is extremely intellectual and enjoys observing and analyzing the world around him, attracting him to the social Monkey woman. However, many Rat man can be mislead by the Monkey woman, who has charm and the ability to easily manipulate and change perspectives of others with ease. Because the Monkey is naturally optimistic, this can help to balance the Rat's worries when it comes to stability and the family life the pair share together.