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Ox and Rat

Rat and Ox relationships are interesting as the pair is considered to match the phrase "opposites attract" in the Chinese zodiac and horoscope. Because the signs are quite different indeed, the Ox may find him or herself attracted to the Rat's light and go-lucky way to life, whereas the Rat may be attracted to the Ox's trustworthiness and even his or her honor. Ox signs enjoy stability and find comfort when they are with family and friends, helping to create a long-lasting bond when in a relationship with a Rat sign. Rats are capable of getting Ox signs to "lighten up" and to break away from seriousness, which can help with bringing a balance that is needed to the relationship.

The Rat and the Ox make for an interesting and never-dull relationship, especially sexually, and can work well as business partners. Ox signs work well in business with their honor and ability to consider and contemplate, whereas Rat signs often use their wits to attract new potential clients and customers.

When in love and abiding by Chinese astrology, the Ox from the Shengxiao is quite stubborn, which can cause mild arguments when involved with a Rat. An Ox man is quite dependable, which allows the Rat woman to feel secure, making the Ox an ideal target for marriage or a long-term relationship. Because of the Rat's hardworking nature, the Ox man will appreciate this as he is not a fan of receiving too much attention and understands loyalty and love for family and friends. Because of the Rat woman's emotional instability at times, the Ox man is an ideal match as he has a way of soothing and calming the Rat woman during tough and high-stress times.

Compatibility Rat Woman and Ox Man

Because oftentimes the Rat woman in Chinese astrology prefers to work from home or spend time raising the children, this works well with an Ox man, who enjoys working throughout each of his days to provide for his loved ones with ease. With adequate respect, the Ox man and Rat woman are nearly perfect for one another.

Compatibility Rat Man and Ox Woman

When an Ox woman is dating a Rat man in the Chinese zodiac and horoscope, it is important for the Rat man to be kind and considerate, as the Ox does not respond well to highly emotional situations and often prefers to calm and rid stress and anxieties for a Rat man. Because the Rat sign's minds are always going and thinking of something new, this allows the Ox woman to balance and calm him. Because Ox women do not anger easily, she pairs well with a Rat man, who prefers working consistently, brainstorming, and going off to enjoy social outings and events. However, if an Ox woman becomes angered, her anger is fierce and has the potential to destroy any relationship and bond she may have with the Rat man.