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Goat and Monkey

Goat and Monkey signs often make for a greater friendship than a romantic or sexual relationship in the Chinese zodiac, as the Monkey's wild side and need for social stimulation can become too much for the Goat, causing stress and worry to develop within the relationship over time. It is not that the Goat is possessive, he or she simply prefers a quiet and stable life, whereas the Monkey is often always open to new situations, ideas, and meeting new people. This can worry the Goat and cause an intrusion in his or her otherwise safe and secure world. Monkey and Goat signs are likely to meet in larger social situations where the Goat feels confident, open, free, and unconstrained to the current atmosphere around him or her.

Because the Goat adores being sexy and sensual and being "in love", he or she is quickly attracted to the Monkey's adorable charm and intellect. However, because of the Monkey's nature to move from "branch to branch" within social groups, this can quickly lead to disappointments with the Goat and his or her emotional feelings towards the Monkey.

Compatibility Goat Woman and Monkey Man

A Goat woman in Chinese astrology may have difficulty trusting the Monkey man, especially if he is actively social and not as attentive emotionally as the Goat would like within the relationship. Because of the kind and giving nature of the Goat, this can pose a problem when the Monkey man is unable to give back the support the woman needs in this relationship according to the Chinese horoscope. If the Monkey is willing to take time to better understand the Goat in the relationship, the partnership can last longer rather than being a purely physical or sex based relationship to begin with when they are dating.

Compatibility Goat Man and Monkey Woman

A Goat man is calm, collected, and often prefers a quiet life that is safe and drama-free. This does not always mesh well when he is dating a Monkey woman romantically, as this can lead to conflict of the paths they have both chosen in their lives. Goat men in Sheng Xiao prefer to offer kind and gentle love and support, whereas the Monkey is not always able to reciprocate. Monkey women are often focused on finding new social groups to fit in with, often leaving their loved ones emotionally deserted, as they do not tend to themselves emotionally or even financially as much and prefer the social scene above all.

Because of the Goat man's stability and passiveness with the ability to stay calm even during arguments, this may lead the Monkey to become more manipulative or take advantage of the ram's gentle nature. It is important that the Monkey woman is entirely committed to the Goat before the relationship becomes serious to avoid heartbreak from the Monkey after she moves on.