Rabbit and Snake

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Rabbit and Snake

Although Snake and Rabbit signs in Chinese astrology are traditionally opposites socially, they can mesh well with enough care and consideration of one another when romantically linked or even with a good friendship. Many Rabbit and Snake signs in the Chinese zodiac are originally attracted to one another on a mental or cerebral level, as the Rabbit is able to provide an internal view of the world whereas the Snake enjoys sharing his or her own philosophical views and opinions with the charm they possess as well. Even though Rabbits prefer a night at home, Snakes can easily adapt as long as they have an audience to charm and to interact with using their intelligence and the wisdom they possess according to Chinese horoscope predictions.

Compatibility Rabbit Woman and Snake Man

A Rabbit woman in Shengxiao enjoys listening to the stories of the Snake man, and also likes to indulge in philosophical thoughts and conversations. The Snake has enough charm to appeal to the Rabbit woman's influential personality, helping to maintain a healthy sexual connection when they date one another.

Compatibility Rabbit Man and Snake Woman

The Snake woman, when dating, enjoys the comfort the Rabbit man has to bring to the relationship. The Snake woman loves the dreams and optimism the Rabbit man offers her, helping her to develop even more interesting stories to share with others.