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Snake and Rat

The Rat and the Snake, although they have their differences, may work well as a couple when in a relationship, (depending on how committed they are to one another) sexually and even as friends within Chinese zodiac. The Rat can often feel frustrated or turned off by the Snake's lack of ambition or his or her pace at overcoming obstacles in life. Because the Rat is much more energetic than the Snake, it can be hard to keep up with one another with life goals, plans, and future commitments. The Snake, however, is very intuitive and often philosophical, and can often grow bored or even tired of the Rat's wit and verbal communication skills (which can sometimes be used to manipulate). However, the Snake and the Rat make ideal lovers in many cases, as they both have charm and the ability to appear attractive with cleverness and intelligence from both signs.

Although the Snake may have a possessive and jealous nature, if the two are committed they are often both intensely loyal to one another according to Chinese astrology, allowing them to date one another. Working in business together with one another is recommended with the powerful minds of both the Snake and the Rat.

Compatibility Rat Woman and Snake Man

In the beginning of a relationship between a Rat woman and a Snake man, both may be wary of one another as the signs have trouble trusting one another. The Rat woman cares most about her family and will ensure that her partner and her children are provided for, safe, and happy at all times. This allows the Snake man to gain trust for the Rat woman in a shorter amount of time.

Compatibility Rat Man and Snake Woman

The Rat man and the Snake woman work well together once getting past any trust barriers they may have. Snake women enjoy intellect and wisdom, which the Rat man is capable of providing. The Rat man will work hard to keep the Snake woman and their children provided for and will also have the ability to understand the Snake's emotional needs. The Rat man and the Snake woman in Shengxiao are both social, but work well with individual groups of friends that allow them to have independence and gather new ideas and opinions from outside sources.