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Snake and Tiger

Tiger and Snake signs may have difficulty getting along with another by finding a "common ground" on which they meet and understand each other when they date or pursue a sexual relationship according to Chinese astrology and horoscope predictions. Because both signs are easy going when getting their way and only their way, this can easily cause problems to erupt quickly with either a platonic or a romantic relationship. The Tiger is independent, brave, and oftentimes, aggressive and self-possessed, which make them believe they are always the leader and the head in charge. However, the Snake has its own subtle personality that relies on charm, wit, and intelligence to overcome the Tiger's quick and swift moves in relationships. This can create conflict, but it can also keep the relationship stimulated and always exciting.

Compatibility Tiger Woman and Snake Man

The Snake man and Tiger woman in the Chinese zodiac are often initially attracted to one another due to their physical and sexual attraction. Because the Snake woman is quite independent, this can cause frustration from the Tiger if he is trying to sway her opinions or the choices she makes.

Compatibility Tiger Man and Snake Woman

The Tiger man and Snake woman often have trouble communicating with one another, which can cause trouble in the relationship. The Snake woman is more sensitive and sensual than the Tiger man who is intellectual and thinks with his mind over his emotions and sexual attractions in most cases.