Tiger and Rabbit

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Tiger and Rabbit

It is quite rare to find a Tiger and Rabbit sign romantically or sexually involved, as both signs are significantly different and opposing in personalities in many areas of life within Chinese astrology altogether. The Tiger is very confident, enjoys attention and social outings, and often has an extremely free spirit. However, because of the shy and timid nature of the Rabbit who prefers a calm and cozy home life, this can create conflicting life goals and paths for the two. The Tiger is sexy and appealing to the Rabbit, who is sweet, compassionate, and understanding but also appreciates the sex appeal of the Tiger. Because both signs are compassionate and loyal in many cases, if the signs are romantically or sexually linked all is not lost with proper communication skills.

Compatibility Tiger Woman and Rabbit Man

The Tiger woman and Rabbit man in Shengxiao are usually attracted to each other due to the opposite natures of their personalities. Long-term relationships face conflict due to the Tiger's nature to be out exploring and the Rabbit man's needs to build a life and to live a simple and peaceful life with his partner.

Compatibility Tiger Man and Rabbit Woman

The Tiger man and Rabbit woman is tricky, and can work in some cases, especially as the Tiger is one to appreciate the Rabbit woman's kind nature and giving abilities. The Tiger adores the mystery and sensuality of the Rabbit woman, helping her to become more confident over time with nurturing in the relationship.