Tiger and Pig

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Tiger and Pig

Tiger and Pig signs in Chinese astrology can work together with enough effort and an understanding to one's needs by providing mental and emotional support with a friendship or even a romantic relationship when they date and pursue a sexual connection. Pigs enjoy stay at home lives that are stable and secure, which will not do well with a Tiger who prefers to roam and enjoy an unrestricted lifestyle and that includes an unrestricted sex life as well. The Pig must however, find common ground with the Tiger to allow for his or her own freedom, whereas the Tiger must come to understand the Pig's need for support, communication, and loyalty when it comes to family life and any home life they have built together.

Compatibility Tiger Woman and Pig Man

The Pig man is a hard worker according to the horoscope of the Chinese zodiac, and the Tiger woman works just as hard, but they have different preferences of lifestyles. If the Pig can accept the freedom the Tiger woman needs, the relationship will be more successful.

Compatibility Tiger Man and Pig Woman

The Tiger man and Pig woman work well as long as the Tiger man is caring and attentive to the Pig woman's emotional needs when dating. The Pig woman is often willing to give all of the love and care the Tiger needs to feel appreciated.