Tiger and Dog

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Tiger and Dog

The Dog and the Tiger make highly compatible love and friendship matches within the Chinese zodiac, as both offer loyalty and kindness to one another that allows for a close emotional connection, giving the pair security and a long-lasting platonic or romantic relationship which words very well in the bedroom. Tigers, according to Chinese astrology, enjoy being the center of attention when they date, and Dog signs do not mind supporting and protecting the Tiger's every wish and want in life when following their Chinese horoscope.

The Tiger will take notice of the Dog's loyalty and provide it back, adding to the trust and honesty in the relationship. Although the Dog often has trouble trusting others and may find himself pessimistic at times, the Tiger's charm and warm heart easily removes any relationship barriers the Dog may have to help with forming a new bond and relationship with one another.

Compatibility Tiger Woman and Dog Man

The Tiger woman is appealing to the Dog man as she enjoys adventure and new and exciting things in life. The Dog man is loyal in Shengxiao, as is the Tiger, which helps the couple to maintain their bond together, and connect sexually.

Compatibility Tiger Man and Dog Woman

The Dog woman feels appreciated by the Tiger's loyalty. Also, the Tiger man is able to help with boosting the Dog woman's spirit when she is feeling pessimistic.