Dog and Rooster

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Dog and Rooster

Dogs and Roosters have a chance at having a pleasant and successful relationship, with a true understanding of each other's personalities in the Chinese zodiac. Dogs often have more energy than Roosters and are much more easy going and laid back than with the Rooster's need and desire for perfection. It is also important to come to an agreement with the finances in this relationship, as the Rooster is extremely practical and works to protect the money in the household, whereas the Dog is quite comfortable with spending it when dating and even involved in a relationship that includes sex, according to Chinese astrology.

Compatibility Rooster Woman and Dog Man

The Rooster woman in Shengxiao is not highly compatible with the Dog man in terms of her emotional needs. Although the Dog man expects to be pampered and secured by the Rooster woman, his lack of making her the most important person in his life will cause conflict, turning her away from him. This may cause the Rooster woman to become aggressive with the Dog man.

Compatibility Rooster Man and Dog Woman

Most relationships with a Rooster man and a Dog woman turn out to be incompatible, as both become overly critical of one another's flaws and are less likely to be accepting of one another's personalities. If the Rooster man is too critical of the Dog woman who strives to be perfect, the two will often clash, causing the Rooster to begin arguing with the Dog woman even more, ultimately ruining their relationship.