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Rooster and Tiger

Tigers and Roosters in the Chinese zodiac have certain qualities and personality characteristics that work well together when focused on rather than the negatives of the relationship. Because Tigers prefer to be independent and fierce leaders, this can cause them to run away when the Rooster sign begins to have demands or request changes in the relationship.

The Rooster does not seek perfection out of spite or out of ill-will, but often sees room for improvement, even in lovers and friends, and is often not afraid to voice his or her opinion on the matter. However, if the two signs are able to find a middle ground of allowing freedom and becoming more relaxed on working together to make each other happy (Rather than just focusing on oneself), the Rooster and the Tiger can have a long-lasting and satisfying relationship and/or sex life according to Chinese astrology.

Compatibility Tiger Woman and Rooster Man

The Tiger woman and Rooster man in the Chinese horoscope man can work as long as the Rooster man is able to accept her needs for freedom while she is also able to contribute to the household and also being organized and neat. This turns the Rooster Man on and may enhance this couples sex life significantly!

Compatibility Tiger Man and Rooster Woman

The Rooster woman and Tiger man can work as long as the Rooster woman is able to allow the Tiger man his freedom while relaxing rather than criticizing him. Due to his brave and strong nature, a Tiger man is more likely to take the criticism easier from a Rooster woman.