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Rooster and Rat

The Rat and the Rooster can work well together with a true understanding of one's personality and goals in life according to the Chinese horoscope. The Rat is often great with words and may be viewed as "schemers" in some cases, which may clash with the honesty that the Rooster provides in any relationship. The Rooster often prefers traditional life styles and stability, whereas the Rat is more free and creative, causing a clash in some instances. However, if the two are able to communicate their wants and needs, they are both compassionate and supporting, especially with close friends and even when involved in a romantic relationship. Rats enjoy being generous and can often meet the needs of a Rooster, even emotionally when it comes to giving compliments and keeping the relationship secure, even if there is sex involved. Both the Rat and the Rooster are thrifty and smart with their money, which makes them an ideal pair when in a seriously committed relationship or even when running a business together. The Rat and Rooster work well together in the business world as long as the Rat is willing to communicate and consider any ideas the Rooster may have when it comes to input for the future of the business.

Compatibility Rat Woman and Rooster Man

Because the Rooster man and Rat woman are both intellectual and enjoy having a healthy and stable home life, they have the ability to have a well-functioning romantic relationship. However, the Rat woman is extremely focused on her family life, and is anything but materialistic, which is the opposite of the Rooster. Although the two signs are punctual, the Rooster's need to follow rules exactly as they are set while following the path of being materialistic can cause tension and conflict with the duo. This can also influence the sex life of the Rat woman and the Rooster man.

Compatibility Rat Man and Rooster Woman

A Rat man often enjoys providing for his wive and children, and find happiness from doing so. Because of the hard work a Rat man often puts into his relationship, he may feel bothered by criticism, which the Rooster woman does not hesitate to give. The Rooster woman in Shengxiao is often highly critical and believes they have everything in order and their method of living is "perfect" through their own eyes. If this is not the case, the Rooster woman is more than likely working towards her own version of perfection.