Rooster and Pig

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Rooster and Pig

There is a fine balance with the relationship between the Rooster and the Pig, as both the Rooster and Pig enjoy being loyal to one another and they often have great communication skills in Chinese astrology when dating and involved in a sexual relationship. Although the Rooster and Pig may have different dreams in life, they are often both hard workers, allowing them to find a balance while supporting one another.

Compatibility Rooster Woman and Pig Man

The Rooster woman is more aggressive than when the Pig man and her began dating in many cases, as the Pig man is often more attached than the Rooster female first believed according to the Chinese horoscope. Although the Rooster female is often jealous in relationships, the Pig is able to prove his loyalty, helping to rid her jealousy to keep both partners happy and satisfied. Both the Pig man and the Rooster woman excel with handling finances, allowing them to work well together in their home and even in running their own business together.

Compatibility Rooster Man and Pig Woman

The Pig woman will always support the Rooster man in the relationship, giving him love, affection, and support for all of his endeavors in life and in business opportunities. Although the Rooster man is often dominating in relationships, the Pig woman's own female presence and overall femininity helps to ward his domineering personality away. The Pig woman is comforting and will always ensure that the Rooster man is number one in her life, even when he expresses insecurity or jealously.