Tiger and Ox

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Tiger and Ox

Tiger and Ox signs in Shengxiao and aligned with Chinese astrology and horoscopes are not often the most natural and common matches due to their conflicting personalities when it comes to the nature of each person. Tigers are often not able to be tamed sexually and in life in general (but especially in their sex and career lives), whereas Ox signs are most often dependable and will work on anything they have committed to themselves. This can create conflict when attempting to form a romantic relationship with those signs.

The Tiger can learn a lot from the Ox's way of planning and working on new projects, in their career according to the Chinese horoscope and zodiac, and in other aspects of their life. The Ox can also learn to broaden his or her own ideas by expanding their views with the Tiger's unpredictable nature and ways of completing tasks and objectives. The Ox may appear timid and reluctant to a Tiger's nature at first sight, although the Tiger has the ability to woo and win over any Ox whether for friendship or a romantic relationship simply by unleashing their intelligence and magnetic charm.

Compatibility Ox Woman and Tiger Man

If the Tiger man and Ox woman are able to work on a solid plan and stick with it with a commitment to one another, a productive relationship is possible. Ox women are hard workers, avoid arguments, and enjoy being successful by providing for their families. Tigers tend to make rash decisions and work just as hard, which is where they can find common ground. Although Tigers are hard workers, they may drive an Ox woman away if the Tiger does not attempt to make a commitment, as the Ox woman prefers stability.

Compatibility Ox Man and Tiger Woman

The Ox man enjoys a peaceful and harmonious life with a stable income, job, and an equally satisfying home life. While the Tiger woman in Shengxiao is also a hard worker, she is fierce and is often unpredictable when it comes to life plans and her own future. This can be a cause for concern for the Ox man and should be watched carefully when the two begin dating.