Dog and Pig

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Dog and Pig

Within the Chinese horoscope, the Dog and Pig are simply made for each other when it comes to their personalities and the way they prefer to live. Because both signs are giving, they may give too much and forget to tend to themselves, so the relationship often requires reflection and understanding of their choices and their own true happiness.

Compatibility Dog Woman and Pig Man

A Pig man in Shengxiao is quite accepting of the Dog woman's personality and will never force her to change who she is to satisfy himself. Both the Pig man and the Dog woman will spend time complimenting each other and giving one another gifts. The Dog woman and Pig man have no trouble communicating in the bedroom when sex is involved and often have plenty of chemistry to go around in Chinese astrology.

Compatibility Dog Man and Pig Woman

If a Dog man is feeling down and depressed, the Pig woman is able to provide emotional support that helps with boosting him up, allowing him to be more optimistic and open-minded. The Dog man and Pig woman both appreciate a stable home life and enjoy working together, and often have a satisfying sexual relationship when they are dating and beyond.