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Dog and Dog

The Dog signs, when romantically involved, dating, or when sex is involved, are highly compatible as long as they both have support systems around them to help when they are feeling down (as the Dog symbol is traditionally pessimistic by nature) according to the Chinese zodiac. Because Dogs are trustworthy and very up front and honest with one another, they are more likely to have longer-lasting relationships whether they are friendships or romantic partners according to Chinese astrology.

Dogs enjoy giving appreciation and affection, and they are more likely to notice when it is being given to them as well, allowing for better communication when the signs are dating. Dogs may need help with handling their financial lifestyle, as the Dog sign is not a signs of handling money and understanding financial planning well. Avoiding criticism, planning ahead of time, and avoiding feeling bored, especially in the bedroom, is key with a Dog and Dog relationship, allowing it to last for years with potential bliss when abiding by the Chinese horoscope and dating predictions of the signs.