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Dog and Rat

The Rat and the Dog have quite a few differences in the Chinese horoscope when dating, but they are often able to make a great pair with the amount of loyalty each sign brings to any relationship. The Dog is honorable and trustworthy in Chinese astrology, while being loyal and committed to both friends and when involved in romantic or sexual relationships. Although the qualities of the Dog may at first bore the Rat sign (who enjoys interesting and exciting relationships and people), the Dog's new and refreshing ideas and opposite nature of the Rat can keep him or her guessing and interested in the erotic mystery of the sign.

Rat and Dog lovers can offer quick-witted communication, humor, and plenty of comfort and generosity. Although the sign of the Dog can often bring pessimism to the table in any relationship, the Rat is not turned off, but actually enjoys the challenge and keeps the relationship stimulating and interesting for both of those involved.

Compatibility Rat Woman and Dog Man

The Rat woman and the Dog man are a highly compatible match when following Shengxiao, especially in terms of a social life and the types of outings and interests they have together. Both the Rat woman and Dog man are loyal to their families and enjoy a healthy and stable home life, helping them to bond and strengthen their relationship. Although Rats are not as romantic as other signs, they are entirely loyal to their spouses and children, which is admirable to the Dog man, who also enjoys providing and supporting his family when abiding by the Chinese zodiac.

Compatibility Rat Man and Dog Woman

A Rat man enjoys providing for his family and a Dog woman is happy to support him in his conquests. It is possible for both the Dog woman and the Rat man to become pessimistic and close-minded at times, but both signs are grounded enough to offer and provide the right encouragement to one another to help with boosting spirits and keeping the relationship in a positive light. Because of the independence of these signs, it is important to frequently check on each other's emotional needs to ensure there are no issues that have not been covered.