Rabbit and Rooster

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Rabbit and Rooster

The Rooster and Rabbit's relationship in is often marked with plenty of friction, as they are opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac. In order for the relationship to work, the two signs must come together to understand each others motivations and needs for future plans and goals as well as for living in the present.

The Rabbit views life subjectively, whereas the Rooster prefers to live the world in order and with laws, rules, and other details in place to help with being as practical as possible. The Rooster may have a hard time understanding the views of the Rabbit and may view the sign as careless or too dreamy and idealistic. Although this may hurt the Rabbit emotionally, the Rabbit may be too timid to speak up, even when he or she feels upset or criticized by the Rooster.

Compatibility Rabbit Woman and Rooster Man

The Rabbit woman in Shengxiao is often too timid for the Rooster man, who may not be attracted to the submissive nature of her personality. The Rabbit has a subjective view of life, whereas the Rooster man is more practical, causing friction, and a sometimes frustrating sexual relationship when these two date.

Compatibility Rabbit Man and Rooster Woman

The Rooster woman is often too practical and serious for the Rabbit man, who is extremely emotional in some relationships. The Rooster woman prefers to handle all situations and life decisions without emotions, which is not how the Rabbit man views life.