Horse and Rooster

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Horse and Rooster

In Chinese astrology The Horse and the Rooster signs have the potential to make a well-matched pair, even with a sexual or romantic relationship. The Horse is quite flexible, which is what this relationship relies on, as the Rooster generally prefers being neat, organized, and punctual as much as possible, which the Horse is most likely to accept. Because both signs enjoy gathering knowledge and wisdom from a wide variety of subjects, it keeps the excitement of the relationship going and both of those involved together happy and satisfied more often.

At times, the Horse and the Rooster do not work well together, especially as Horses tend to begin house projects, leaving the materials and items lying all around, which is bound to aggravate the extremely organized Rooster in the Chinese zodiac when they are dating one another. However, the cerebral connection aside from a sexual connection offered from this relationship is a key to its survival, and can contribute to long-term romantic relationships and even marriage.

Compatibility Horse Woman and Rooster Man

A Horse woman and a Rooster man can keep relationships going for short periods of time, but because of the Rooster man's desire for a schedule and the need to stay organized, this can quickly turn the two against one another. The Horse woman does not enjoy having a schedule set for her, and prefers to feel free and not constrained to any specific daily way of life. The Horse woman does not approve of micro-managing from the Rooster male, and she will resist or even flee from the relationship to avoid it from occurring successfully.

Compatibility Horse Man and Rooster Woman

The Horse man and Rooster woman can work well together in compromise and in understanding each others needs in the home, emotionally, and even physically. It is essential for these signs to listen to one another whether the Horse is a man or the female in the relationship. A Rooster woman must understand the Horse's need to have a free spirit and to be independent, whereas the Horse must also make compromises in helping to keep the home tidy, organized, and in place.

Both the Horse and Rooster are quite blunt at times, spurring arguments but also helping to overcome any issues faced in the relationship quickly. If the Horse and the Rooster come together and commit in a relationship, it can be a success if both of those involved are willing to listen to one another with an open ear and heart, contributing to the longevity of the connection.