Venus in Capricorn

If Venus is in the sign Capricorn then your nature of love is more serious and reserved than other signs. Your most predominant need in love is that it endures and is based on fulfilling your practical needs. Love is given a heavy dose of realism with Venus in Capricorn. There's no romance if you can't pay the bills. Sex can be a serious deal for you as well and you're able to exhibit a great deal of control over your libido. This sign can't love someone who has no goals or ambitions but is instantly attracted to someone responsibly climbing that ladder of success. With your Venus in Capricorn you'll show love through proving how able you are of taking care of the business in life and helping your love do just that.

Venus in Capricorn for Women

Venus in Capricorn is dedicated to love. She finds safety and comfort in those that have been deemed worthy by her. Venus in Capricorn takes love and trust seriously. She will take it slow and cautious when opening her heart to her partner. This can be very frustrating to lovers because they are never giving them the whole part of themselves. Once she can let her walls down, she can be very caring, vulnerable, and soft. When the Venus in Capricorn woman is in love, she will take precautions to protect her heart at all costs and will do what she can to make sure she never hurts you. When the Venus in Capricorn finds a partner that understands that they show love through different means instead of just saying the words, the relationship can begin to be harmonious. The tough outer exterior a Venus in Capricorn displays is just their way of protecting themselves from being hurt.

People are attracted to the nature of the Venus in Capricorn being charming yet understanding. Those who are dependable and polite will attract the attention of the Venus in Capricorn woman. A partner with passion can help them relax more. Those that don't mind sticking it out until she opens up will discover new sides that will truly be rewarding.

The Venus in Capricorn is very conservative regarding relationships. She is attracted to those that are interested in learning new thing. They know what they are looking for as they don't play games. Self-made and controlled men who pique her interest are most attractive to them. It may seem shallow but looks are very important to the Venus in Capricorn. Their partner doesn't necessarily have to be conventionally attractive, but he does have to be attractive to her and dressing nice is one way.

As the Venus in Capricorn ages, she will find a partner that will meet her expectations but as she is still growing up, she will have a hard time finding one to meet what she desires. She takes well to those that flirt and praise her provided it's genuine. It's perceived that she is playing hard to get but, she just isn't interested in them. When she does have an interest, she will do her secret tests to see if he can meet her qualifications. The Venus in Capricorn generally will not make the first move on a partner though unless they are the shy type.

When the Venus in Capricorn woman is in love, she will tend to act like a housewife. She is traditional and wants to do her womanly duties for her partner. This can be a downfall for Venus in Capricorn as she will attract men who think they can dominate her. This can be why she takes some time before she can get into a relationship and it can take time when it comes to trusting. The Venus in Capricorn is naturally loyal and won't be unfaithful as she only has eyes for the partner she is currently with.

Venus in Capricorn for Men

The Venus in Capricorn man seeks out women that are accomplished and career-oriented. Due to this, he will tend to seek out older women. The Venus in Capricorn male won't fall in love with many people very easily. It takes them a long time to build a solid bond and foundation before deciding on entering a relationship. The Venus in Capricorn man rocks the bedroom and displays endurance not just there but in his work too. Venus in Capricorn tends to be accomplished and seeks partners who are intelligent, agreeable and someone who he can talk to.

He is selective in his choices to enter a relationship with. He tends to seek out women that can meet his ideal qualities that he looks for in a wife. She must be independent and not rely on him as much as he will be very busy in his professional life and will focus most of his attention there. A well-educated woman is highly attractive to the Venus in Capricorn male. He doesn't concern himself too much with the flaws of a partner, but he will not tolerate any women that are aggressive, loud, emotionally needy, or unpredictable. Money does mean a great deal to him and he prefers to live a lavish lifestyle.

The Venus in Capricorn man will give extra love and attention to a woman when they are first interested to try and get to know her true self. He can come off very arrogant and rude when flirting because he's not doing it the traditional way of compliments or sexual suggestions. The Venus in Capricorn flirts by showing off his status. He will brag about where he works, what kind of car he drives, and where he lives. Venus in Capricorn can attract women who are similar in that regard, but some may be interested in the wrong reasons.

The Venus in Capricorn man will study her behavior and how she dresses. The Venus in Capricorn men is one of the zodiac signs that are less likely to be unfaithful. He simply just doesn't have the time for more than one woman. Those who have a Mars in Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo are the most sexually attractive to Venus in Capricorn.

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