Venus in Pisces

If Venus is in the sign Pisces then you need to transcend the boundaries of physical love and completely surrender your body and soul to romance. You attract others easily with your compassionate and forgiving ways however this sensitivity does make you vulnerable to being easily taken advantage of. Venus in Pisces can confuse sex with love and expect impossible ideals from romance. It's so easy for you to lose your breath and get carried away with a dreamy enchanted world you've created. You may fall in love with someone who another sign would quickly discard. Venus in Pisces is capable of seeing the potential for love in anyone. If someone understands your imaginative, dreamy tendencies and can respect your need to escape reality without using you, then you've found true romance!

Venus in Pisces for Women

The Venus in Pisces woman seeks out partners who can be potential soul mates or true loves. She wants to get to know the real person behind the facade they put up. She might indulge in drugs or even move too fast to get the ultimate feeling of intimacy. Venus in Pisces can focus too much on the idea of love and sometimes fall in love, or the idea of love, too easily. This can be a problem and cause her to become easily hurt. Losing oneself is common among the Venus in Pisces because they tend to adapt the moods of their partners and have poor boundaries. This leads to merging lives with their partner and disappointment when things end up going wrong. Sometimes with love, Venus in Pisces often ignores the red flags and could potentially end up in bad partnerships where they are taken advantage of because of their kindhearted and sensitive nature.

Venus in Pisces women are very sensitive and won't be able to deal with a brash partner. Making connections with other people is important to them. At the same time, the Venus in Pisces doesn't want to be tied down in partnerships. She requires space and forcing her will only make her resist more. She is sought after by many suitors because of her charm and warm aura that surrounds her. Venus in Pisces has a hard time telling people no and can sometimes become attached to people. She never wants to hurt anyone's feelings, so she isn't always assertive when she should be.

Venus in Pisces is very forgiving by nature. This can lead to people taking advantage of this combined with their struggle to set proper boundaries with others. She is nonjudgmental and compassionate. Many people tend to take advantage of the soft nature of Venus in Pisces and it can cause problems in other relationships because of wanting them to stand their ground.

The last thing anyone should worry about is arguing with them. Venus in Pisces women will do anything they can to avoid conflict and are often agreeable just to avoid a fight. This leads them getting hurt often and sometimes staying in bad partnerships longer than they should.

When the Venus in Pisces enters a relationship, she will make it her mission to never see her partner upset or unhappy. The Venus in Pisces views relationships in a traditional manner where the woman is the meeker and the man displays the masculine qualities of being strong and protective. Venus in Pisces women are the most faithful of the zodiac signs, but they do often fall victim to it.

Venus in Pisces Men

The Venus in Pisces man prefers women that are the traditional feminine auras. They must exude that innocence, warmth, and emotional neediness. Being aggressive or overly independent is a turn off to the Venus in Pisces man. He would even be fine with women who lack self-confidence and has a hard time with telling partners "no", so when they are having relationship problems, they just peacefully detach themselves from it versus having a potentially conflict-ridden discussion. Spending time alone will help them gain clarity and recharge their emotional batteries so to speak.

Venus in Pisces can come off as a little emotionally unstable. This is because of their highly sensitive nature that they feel emotions so deeply. He is charming and romantic as well. He is attracted to those who are strong, smart, and respectful. The Venus in Pisces man has a hard time finding himself in relationships. As with anyone, he has a dream girl in his mind. The problem with this is that he is unrealistic and it's very difficult to find someone that can meet every expectation.

Throughout life, the Venus in Pisces will have many relationships to avoid loneliness and conform to the norm of being in a relationship. Due to the sensitivity of the Pisces, they pick up on their partner's emotions and this can harm his well-being. When a partner is constantly negative, he will adopt that as his feelings, but then over time, he will begin to withdraw from the relationship.

The Venus in Pisces man ideally wants a woman that will love him no matter what and be there for him indefinitely. A potential love candidate must be a positive person and uplift him. Venus in Pisces prefers the traditionally feminine traits and when he finds this type of woman, he will commit with all his heart and will work harder to make the relationship last a lifetime. Those that are dramatic or disrespectful won't last long with the Venus in Pisces.

Venus in Pisces is thought to be a cheating zodiac sign but that's not necessarily the case. He will be faithful in relationships depending on who he associates himself with. Meaning the Venus in Pisces can be tempted if he has many female friends that are a little too friendly. This is where the Venus in Pisces' partner will need to come in and put things to a stop because he is too non-confrontational and lacks proper boundaries. Those who have a Mars in Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are sexually attractive to the Venus in Pisces.

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