Venus in Scorpio

If Venus is in the sign Scorpio then you have an intense need to love with more physical and emotional depth and commitment than perhaps any other sign. Love is not taken lightly and once love has infiltrated your soul it's there for good. Venus in Scorpio needs to be in control of this decision to fall in love however so it's likely you'll end up being initially guarded and slow to reveal yourself to a prospective lover as you size up the genuine potential of long term romance. Sex is the ultimate expression of love to Venus in Scorpio; however you're not interested in casual sex per se. You want intimacy. You want to know the good, bad and ugly when you're in love with someone and experience the ultimate pleasures and pain together.

Venus in Scorpio for Women

Venus in Scorpio women draw people in by their sexuality. They aren't necessarily models or conventionally attractive but their aura is what sucks people in. They tend to be more on the loner side and don't trust very easily. Trust doesn't come easy and those that want to gain it will have to work hard to obtain it. Venus in Scorpio woman doesn't forgive easily once you break her trust and gaining it back can be next to impossible.

They are often perceived as weird because of their interests and hobbies. They aren't afraid to try new things and go on adventures, regardless of what they will entail. This can mean going to a nude beach, or something as small as trying a new ethnic restaurant. Some of their interests include the supernatural, occult, astrology, and even magic. Taking them on dates that are exciting and adventurous is one way to keep them interested.

Venus in Scorpio craves intimacy and isn't afraid of anything. This can spell some trouble when a relationship isn't particularly exciting, or things have dulled because they enjoy the unpredictability and shy away from the predictability that happens. Venus in Scorpio women can be jealous and possessive of their partners but don't consider themselves to be.

Some people can be intimidated by the passions for love that a Venus in Scorpio has but others might find this trait very attractive. The Venus in Scorpio's interest in romance can be a problem in relationships because it becomes the main focus. Sex is something that means a lot to the Venus in Scorpio. They just don't crave sex with their partner, they want the intimacy that comes with it more than anything. Without that intimacy there, sex isn't of interest to the Venus in Scorpio. They don't date casually and often prefer relationships that will be long-term and last versus a quick hookup.

The Venus in Scorpio is aggressive and has a spirit that others can't match up to. They can be very confident, devoted, and will have no problem taking on any challenges that present itself. This can be helpful in a relationship because they will be willing to solve issues as they arise, so the conflict doesn't fester. Fear of being abandoned is a great concern for the Venus in Scorpio and she can start pushing her partner away because she constantly is thinking they will leave her. This doesn't have a basis in reality and the more the Venus in Scorpio pushes, the more likely her partner is to just give up.

Venus in Scorpio for Men

The Venus Scorpio man is one of the most sexual of the zodiac signs. They may like to partake in sex with many different people regardless of being in a relationship. Unlike the Venus in Scorpio woman, who sees sex as something you do with your partner, the Venus in Scorpio male sees sex as something you do for fun. He prefers secrecy in relationships and casual encounters and won't take it lightly if their counterpart kisses and tells. This can lead to problems as partners may feel as though they are being kept hidden. It also can lead to a playboy type of lifestyle to start leading double lives.

Similar to Venus in Scorpio woman, Venus in Scorpio men enjoy partaking and studying "dark" subjects. It's not uncommon for them to be interested in occult or magic. They prefer to stay away from anything mainstream when it comes to friends and lovers.

When Venus in Scorpio does settle down in a relationship, they are extremely loyal. Their standards and rules they have before getting into a relationship are very high and very few can meet them. Those that are in a partnership with a Venus in Scorpio man have passed all the requirements they had in their heads. It's not uncommon for the Venus in Scorpio to have sex on the first date just to test the other person's sexual abilities. If he doesn't feel sexually compatible with her, then he won't pursue an emotional connection. Those that aren't good in bed won't last long with a Venus in Scorpio.

A Venus in Scorpio man can become very jealous and possessive of his partner. Sometimes this is due to suspicion but other times there is no basis in truth for them to act that way. Playful teasing can sometimes be taken the wrong way as well. If Venus in Scorpio doesn't have his expectations met, or if he is made fun of, he will react negatively to this. They can even hold resentments for years over this sort of thing.

When someone lets the Venus in Scorpio man down, he will end up detaching from that person. He knows that communication is best, but sometimes the other person has to be the bigger person and try to work things out.

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