Venus in Virgo

If the planet Venus is in the sign Virgo then your overwhelming need in love is to have the object of your potential affection pass some very discriminating tests before you're truly willing to step into romance. Yes, Venus in Virgo is famous for that "checklist". It could intimidate potential lovers but that's not really a threat since they'll never even know you're analyzing them to decide whether or not love is possible in the first place. Venus in Virgo does all this quietly and without fanfare. Your greatest need in love besides perfection is simply to be needed. You most easily express love by being of service to your lover and taking care of all those details in life. When you criticize or nag, it's only because you care so deeply and expect such pure love.

Venus in Virgo for Women

Venus in Virgo women are sensitive, reserved, smart, high strung, and insecure. They are often looked at as someone who thinks they are better than most people. But in reality, they are the opposite. Venus in Virgo is affectionate, loving, and salacious. They are typically extremely feminine in looks and are often sought after for being an ideal type of woman.

They take great pride in appearances. Venus in Virgo women always are meticulously dressed and well-groomed daily. Despite all this, they are very critical of themselves and will often second guess themselves and even their partner at times. This is due to their nature of being a perfectionist and insecurities.

Venus in Virgos is conservative when it comes to matters regarding sex. Virgos tend to be big teases. Virgos will flirt, lead men on when it comes to their knowledge and experience with sex, but then Virgos don't do the deed. It's not that Virgos are or aren't interested. Virgos have their rules regarding sex. In bed, Venus in Virgo women aren't very adventurous and tend to be routine. However, some do embrace their sexuality and know what they like and are willing to do.

Venus in Virgo expresses their love for their partners by doing things for them. Their passion shines through when they notice all the little things about their partner, their likes and dislikes, and try their best to use that to help them. Communication is a strong suit for the Venus in Virgo as they listen well to their partner's concerns and problems.

One issue that Venus in Virgo women have in relationships is their mysterious nature. Their partner may not know how to please them. At the core, they just want to be taken care of and given love and affection. Another issue is a Venus in Virgo's nature to overanalyze everything whether it's big or small. This leads to arguments within the relationship and can cause strife. Taking a step back and choosing to look at the big picture would help reduce these problems. Venus in Virgo is very honest and direct with all of those around them.

When it comes to relationships, Venus in Virgo can be very selective of a potential partner. Commitment isn't something they are afraid of; Venus in Virgo just wants to be sure that what she is feeling is real before revealing her true feelings to her potential mate. Venus in Virgo will pay attention to all the small things about their companion, loves taking care of the needs of their companion, will always be there when they are needed by their companion and will take the time to listen to their companion and support them. Venus in Virgo is also very loyal and faithful. Their downfall is their self-doubt when it comes to feeling like they are unworthy of love.

Venus in Virgo for Men

The Venus in Virgo man is skilled in the bedroom. He will develop more sensuality over time. They tend to be a homebody and avoid combining lives because of how messy things can get. They prefer intimate settings with a partner and casual conversations over spending time with his friends. Venus in Virgo men are dependable, attentive, and show class.

Most Venus in Virgo men tend to avoid getting involved in love and relationships. Venus in Virgo men prefer space to clear their heads to make the decisions that will suit them best. This will result in keeping a relationship with them at a distance. However, over time they will start to show their affection and care for you. The Venus in Virgo just needs time to be sure they have the right partner.

Venus in Virgo men come across as standoffish because they are quieter and more reserved when meeting people for the first time. Sometimes they need time to take in all that's going on around them. When feeling overwhelmed, the Venus in Virgo man will feel off in a sense. If the problem persists, Venus in Virgo will feel irritable and anxious. This makes living with them stressful. Venus in Virgo can adapt and manage provided he has another outlet such as going shopping or to the gym.

When in a relationship, the Venus in Virgo becomes a devoted and dependable partner. They tend to be obsessed with keeping everything in its place. Deep cleaning, organizing, and to-do lists keep the Venus in Virgo man in a balanced state of mind, and he will do so until everything is perfect. They tend to be very insecure. This can lead to fights within the relationship because Venus in Virgo will find their partner at fault for everything. This can be avoided by talking things out and coming to a solution. A simple woman suits the orderly nature of the Venus in Virgo man. Playing games with Venus in Virgo is a sure way to make him uncomfortable.

The Venus in Virgo man is attracted to women that can appreciate the things he will do for them. Women with good manners who are thoughtful and helpful are noticed and impressed by the Venus in Virgo. They gravitate towards women that are natural and feminine looking. Those that are into continual self-improvement and are thoughtful when it comes to remembering the little things about their partner are highly attractive to a Venus in Virgo. Those that do decide to pursue a Venus in Virgo man, keep in mind that they will frequently require space to keep their mind clear and the anxiety away. Those that are with Mars in Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo are the signs most sexually attractive to a Venus in Virgo.

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