Gemini and Gemini

Gemini and Gemini Relationship

Geminis are mutable signs. However, Gemini are not set in their ways or stuck on one thing unless it means something extremely important to them. Furthermore, as the sign of the twins of the zodiac, changing their minds is normal for the Gemini. The pair can expect a lot of exciting times whether they are friends or lovers.

Going on exciting trips or surprising the other with fun trinkets of affection makes a Gemini happy. Geminis want to do spontaneous things for and with their Gemini partner. Subsequently, having this quality time and connection is important to this agreeable sign. With these two Gemini signs, life does not get in a rut, and things will usually work out well as long as they give each other time to communicate their feelings and wishes.


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Gemini Woman and Gemini Man

This couple is an excellent love match in many respects however stability could be a problem since neither the Gemini woman nor the Gemini man has both feet on the ground long enough to commit to anything. Still, they share a talent for communication and if you listen to a Gemini woman and Gemini man on a date you'll hear non stop talking and gossiping! Sexually, things should be easy since these are both signs that must have mental sex together before physical sex. The Gemini woman and Gemini man both delight in phone sex, exchanging sexually explicit emails and leaving one another erotic love notes.


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Gemini and Gemini Love Match

Gemini is an air sign, meaning stagnation is never a problem. Sitting still is not in the twin’s demeanor. The love between the two Gemini people is fiery and fun. Two Gemini zodiac signs will find all sorts of things to do together. When they go on a date, surprising the other Gemini with something new is usually a favorite endeavor. Furthermore, a trip to the zoo might end up with a stop at a local cavern or dinner at a new place a couple of hours away.

Excitement is always on the menu when Gemini meets Gemini. The main thing for these air signs to remember is to stay grounded and to throw in a little normalcy to keep the relationship healthy. In short, binge-watching a few shows and having an intimate interlude at home will help balance out the Gemini partying days and venturesome ways.


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Planet Mercury rules Gemini, and they are huge talkers because of this body representing communication. Therefore, debates are all too common with the Gemini pair. Two Gemini will talk with each other in circles for hours, maybe even days. Above all, the air signs love to do new things together. Likewise, sharing fun activities is the glue in the Gemini and Gemini friendship.

As long as the Gemini friends respect each other’s differences, then they will find ways to mend fences during any conflict. Using their exceptional skills of talking makes it easy for these two to make friends with others. Consequently, the carefree attitude of Gemini often draws people to their circle. People want to hear what Gemini has to say because no one ever knows what will come out of their mouth.


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Marriage Compatibility

Two Gemini signs can find lasting love and companionship because they share the same sign in the zodiac. Gemini are masculine signs, preferring to be the alpha in the relationship. Since they are the same sign, there is no reason to keep looking for someone else to make them happy. Similarly, one Gemini understands the other, and their eccentricities are acceptable.

Keeping the other Gemini from becoming bitter means a little work taking care of daily activities and tasks begrudgingly. Both Gemini want to run around and have fun, but no one wants to think about taking care of household chores, bills, and meals. Moreover, making a little time each week to share the responsibilities will help the Gemini couple take care of business, so they can get back to goofing off and getting into trouble together.


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Sexual Compatibility

Sparks will fly in the bedroom, the car, and anywhere else two Gemini meet up. Gemini and sex mean lots of texting, leaving private messages, and teasing the other person until they both get home at the end of a long day. The Gemini couple is excellent in the bedroom because they know how to excite the other Gemini. For instance, they know the kinky ideas the other Gemini entertains, so they are happy to oblige.

As long as these two Gemini keep the arguments out of the bedroom, there is nothing that will stop them from taking each other to exhilarating places. The hardest part is managing the seemingly opposite personalities they share. Between them, the twins of each Gemini are like four people having fun or arguing, depending on the situation. As a result, throwing in some quiet time at home can help dramatically when they need to connect.


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Gemini people love their independence. Likewise, finding new ways to live life to the fullest is something these signs share. Trust does not make up the best part of this relationship. The air sign is mutable, but they are skeptical in nature. Because they both want to shrug off responsibility, maintaining a healthy conversation and taking care of every aspect of their love is not possible. The Gemini couple does not trust each other, but it rarely matters as long as they can remain happy with the fun things they find to do. Furthermore, these air signs are much too keen to play around with each other and play pranks on everyone they know.


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Gemini and Gemini Summary

In conclusion, these masculine air signs are zodiac twins with dueling personalities. For example, two Gemini strive to outdo each other and find as many ways to throw the other one off their game as possible. A Gemini couple is fun to watch, but they can implode rather quickly if they get stuck on a point.

Two Gemini make excellent lovers and couples, but they need a good friend who can help them stay on track with finances and daily responsibilities if they want to have kids and a house to maintain. When problems occur, the Gemini couple may benefit from counseling or therapy to help them learn how to fulfill all their partner’s needs.

Gemini and Gemini Celebrity Couples

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied
Mary Kate Olsen and Pierre Olivier Sarkozy

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