Gemini and Aries

Aries and Gemini Relationship

Aries is a fire sign while Gemini is the air that fans those flames. This pair makes a volatile couple according to their compatibility horoscope. For example, Aries finds Gemini a turnoff when they go into teaching mode. If Aries is not receptive to learning something new, then they will tune out their Gemini counterpart. Over time, when this distancing continues, the relationship can suffer. Young couples may not survive these challenges if they do not talk through the problems.

When the couple is in sync with each other, communication will flow freely. Gemini will freely share thoughts and ideas while the Aries partner will help set these ideas in motion. In many cases, the Aries person will instigate the fun. This pair is a compatible couple in three out of four pairs.


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Aries and Gemini Love Match

These two zodiac signs do well when they are in love. The passion, creativity, and energy in the relationship will flourish when the pair can avoid hot trigger topics. Jealousy is a source of angst for the Gemini partner whereas the Aries mate needs independence to feel secure. Aries and Gemini will love deeply and connect on many levels when the pair works hard at making the relationship work.

Trust is the biggest thing that will get between these two signs. Gemini people do not get overly emotional or dive into sensitive feelings. Aries individuals thrive on passion and crave deep connections with their partners. However, these people typically need to learn how to talk with a soulmate, lover, and partner. They have trouble expressing their feelings.


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Aries and Gemini Soulmates

As soulmates, the Aries-Gemini partnership is either solid or not compatible. These two signs are not afraid to be loud and assertive. Gemini is dominant while Aries is extremely independent. Both parties need to feel like they are necessary in the life and heart of their partner. If both are not all in on the relationship, then the other will sense it and start pulling away.

If Aries learns or wants to switch to the submissive role, then Gemini will feel obligated and want to teach his or her partner how to gauge their emotions. By giving control to the Gemini, Aries can be more open and vulnerable. This change in position is not easy, and the Gemini partner will see it as a major step in solidifying the relationship. Then, the couple can move forward with lifelong goals, dreams, and communication.


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Mars rules Aries, meaning this sign is bold and upfront. Either party can become jealous in a friendship or Gemini-Aries love match. Mercury rules Gemini, and this sign is notorious for jealous tendencies, so the two can rub each other the wrong way quickly if they are both headstrong.

Gemini never wants to show their true face or feelings. They puff out their chest and head into life, ready to tackle anything. Aries will demand their partner stop changing their mind and personality to show their real feelings. Resentment between these two runs deep. Communication is often the only way the couple will remain friends if one of them harbors ill feelings. When these two survive friendship, then love often follows.


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Marriage Compatibility

These two signs will make a magnificent couple as long as they can work together to keep envious thoughts out of the way. This pair complements each other well, with Gemini helping Aries reach their full potential. Gemini's teaching abilities and Aries's willingness to try any and everything new can be a wonderful mix. A lifelong partnership between these signs may afford great success.


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Sexual Compatibility

For Aries and Gemini sex is hot, hotter, and hottest. This couple knows how to play up the fantasies and try it all. Neither partner will be shy about what they want or how they want it. When these two are dating, they may or may not make it home before they consummate the relationship.

The perfect date for this couple might be a drive-in movie or lounging in a hotel room because they are going to end up in bed if they hit it off. The sparks will fly, and this couple will likely spend hours together.


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Aries and Gemini in Bed

Gemini seeks romance and attention. They are up for just about anything in the sack. This fact is pleasing to the Aries partner because they crave sex, wanting it often and multiple times. The pair will find they are sexually craving each other when they spend time apart. Even from the first date, the sexual tension will be noticeable if the pair is compatible.

This couple can turn viciously on each other when they allow themselves to speak nastily to the other. During sex, romance, love, and passion should remain positive. Adding BDSM or fetish into the bedroom may result in hurtful feelings and a lack of good communication. The couple can implode just as quickly as their relationship hits full stride if they are not careful to respect each other in every area of the partnership. Both parties are happy to try all areas of sex, including public, and fetish. The more creative Aries allows Gemini to be sexually, the more likely the pair will be soulmates. The deep connection between sex and communicating well solidifies the compatibility of the pair.


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Aries and Gemini Trust

Trust between these two zodiac signs is hard. Even on the first date, these two will demand to learn about the other. They will dig deep into conversations, family, and past relationships. Jealousy can easily creep in if the two are not careful. Taking breaks and testing the subject may be difficult, but necessary at the beginning of the relationship.


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Aries and Gemini Conclusion

Sexually, Aries and Gemini are almost always a match. This pair may or may not become soulmates, however, these two need a clear line of communication at all times. Aries is bullheaded and may not understand the severity of his or her actions. Their Gemini partner is happy to help them learn, however, Aries is not always receptive to this guidance.

Forging a lasting relationship, whether sexually or as soulmates, requires a deep commitment from both partners. Aries must learn to accept the Gemini partner as a mentor and submit, sometimes. Gemini partners have to understand how important it is to give their Aries mates some alone time and freedom to find themselves after each transformation from dominant to submissive. This rings true for dating couples and soulmates.

Aries and Gemini Celebrity Couples

Aries and Gemini couples are fiery mixes. These two zodiac signs make it big, or they explode in a fiery fashion. Check out these Aries-Gemini celebrity couples who are or were dating:

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick - she is the Aries, and he is the Gemini
Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard - he is the Gemini, and she is the Aries
Warren Beatty and Annette Bening - he is the Aries, and she is the Gemini

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